Ayurvedic massages
Ayurveda is the name for a traditional Indian curative treatment. Literally Ayurveda means "wisdom of life". It is based on the Indian sanskrit and consists of the words Ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge). The goal is the avoidance of serious deseases by trying to understand the root of the desease and to turn off unhealthy habits. In addition to it there are various treatments, which first of all are to help the body "to heal itself". One of these treatments, the oil massages, we offer you in our massage room. Prices and infos...

Cooking courses
The secrets of sauces and soups. This cooking course contains the preparation of basic fish sauce (fish fond), basic gravy (demi glace),vegetable- and meat fond as basis for soups and sauces. Binding of soups without flour. Preparation of mayonnaise for 5 different sauces. In addition we will give many hints concerning preservation and storage of sauces. Based on these basic sauces different variations can be created.
Course day: Monday, 8.45H - approx. 14.00H, price: 80
Other courses such as fish, meat or venison specialities on request.

Led hikings
Discovering the most beautiful or interesting places may take some time. Therefore we offer hikings led by experienced guides. You will geta maximum of information about the most interesting places. On request only.

BBQ party
A mild summer night, the smell of juicy steaks and mergeuz accompanied by fresh salads, an excellent wine or cold beer - a marvelous barbecue evening in the middle of nature you won't deny. On request only.